Don’t Ruin your New Relationship! 5 Tips to Help You Get Off to a Great Start

If you’re entering a new relationship, you’re probably at least a teeny bit worried about how well things will go in the long run.

Starting out right can provide the kind of solid foundation you need to build something that’ll last. A bad start might result in failure later on, however.

new relationship

Here’s a look at a few things you can do to ensure that your relationship gets off to a good start.

1. Don’t overdo it – If you’ve just started off with someone new, you’re probably tempted to spend all your time with them. After all, you enjoy one another’s company, and new relationships have that special, intoxicating spark that just makes you want more. Unfortunately, giving in to this urge could lead to trouble later on.

By spending a lot of time together, you neglect your other friends and risk forgetting about other things that make you happy. Once the “magic” wears off a little, this type of closeness could also cause one or both of you to feel suffocated. Make a point of maintaining a little distance and living the rest of your life.

2. Take it slow – That new relationship energy can also make you feel in a hurry to be physically and emotionally intimate. This might not be the right choice, forever. By slowing down and holding off on becoming intimate, you help prolong the excitement. You also prevent yourself from making unwise decisions.

After all, most people have a lot of emotional baggage associated with sex and intimacy.

Just because you’re excited about your new special someone doesn’t mean you’re ready to address all that together. Wait until your relationship is emotionally stronger to have sex and you’ll be able to enjoy yourselves a lot more.

3. Make a date – You may not feel like it’s very romantic to schedule dates with your significant other, but it’s a smart strategy. By dedicating even one night a week to one another, you ensure that your time together won’t be taken over by work, social events and other distracting occurrences. That’ll keep both partners from feeling left out.

4. Avoid overplanning – Even if you find yourself wondering whether you’d like to spend your life with your new person, don’t bring it up right away. Everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to commitment, and starting out too strong might intimidate your partner.

While it may be a good idea to make sure you want the same things long-term, it’s not time to propose or talk about the future too much.

5. Focus on communication– It’s easy to feel as though your partner knows you inside and out and can anticipate everything you think, but the truth is often very different. Poor communication is one of the biggest relationship killers in existence. Don’t be tempted to expect your partner to read your mind.

If you have a concern, bring it up. You may be surprised by what a little communication can do for a new relationship.

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