First Date Advice – Dos and Don’ts

First dates make everyone nervous. Even if you’ve been on plenty of dates, there’s a good chance that you’ll feel shy and awkward the first time you go out with someone new. It’s easy to make off-putting mistakes on a first date, but they can easily be avoided. Here are some first date advice tips that will help you start things off on the right foot.

first date advice


  • Do be punctual. Showing up late to a first date makes a bad impression and implies that you don’t really care. If you’re extremely late, you might even discover that your date didn’t bother to wait for you.
  • Do create a comfortable atmosphere. Everyone, even the person you’re meeting, will be a little bit anxious about the first date. Work to make your date comfortable and you may find that your comfort levels rises, too.
  • Do be entertaining. You don’t have to put on a show, but don’t be completely passive, either. Be willing to contribute to the conversation or even take the lead, but don’t spend the whole evening talking about nothing. If you have trouble thinking up topics, come up with a few before the date so that nervousness doesn’t leave you with a blank slate.
  • Do laugh at your date’s jokes. They may not be very funny. They may be ones you’ve heard again and again. Unless they’re offensive, however, you’ll help your date feel appreciated if you’re willing to laugh a little.
  • Do take an interest. If your date is talking, don’t just wait for your turn: actively listen. Show your interest by asking questions and responding to specific things your date says.
  • Do be creative. Remember, you don’t have to do dinner and a movie unless you’re both interested in those activities. Be willing to think outside the box for a more memorable experience.
  • Do stay confident. A date who has solid self image is someone who’s attractive and interesting. Even if you have to fake it a little, confidence can help you get through things a little more easily.
  • Do be real. While you might not feel like you’re interesting enough to appeal to your date, it’ll be obvious if you’re pretending to be someone you aren’t. If you really want to date this person in the future, let your true self shine through.
  • Do skip the personal questions. Most people don’t want to reveal too much on the first date. Let your date volunteer anything sensitive.
  • Do take precautions. Men and women can both be in danger when they meet a new person. Make sure you have a way home after the date, bring a cell phone, and make sure your friends know where you’ll be, when to expect you back, and who your date is with.


  • Don’t make a bad impression. If you’re late, sloppily dressed, or not quite with it when you arrive for your date, the other person may believe that he or she doesn’t matter to you.
  • Don’t just talk about yourself. Even if your date finds you interesting, he or she would probably like to talk about other topics.
  • Don’t talk about previous relationships. While your date may be curious about your history, discussing your exes can make you look bitter or obsessed.
  • Don’t let silence take over. It can be hard to maintain lively conversation on a first date. After all, you don’t know much about one another yet. Practice for the date to make sure that your conversation doesn’t fall into silence too often.
  • Don’t show bad table manners. Your date doesn’t want to see your chew with your mouth open or put your elbows on the table.
  • Don’t just play along. While you may want to fit in and accommodate your date, no one enjoys talking to someone who isn’t genuine. Don’t pretend you like music or movies you really dislike. Diplomatically voice your opinion when appropriate to show you have your own views.
  • Don’t be ungrateful. Thanking your date for a good time lets you both feel good. It also gives you a way out or the opportunity to ask your date out on another occasion.
  • Don’t pick up that phone. It’s rude to take non-emergency phone calls or constantly check your messages while you’re on your date. This shows disrespect and may also make your date think you are bored or disinterested. If you MUST take the call, make it  quick and inform the caller that you are busy and will call back later.
  • Don’t invade your date’s personal space. Until you know each other better, keep a buffer zone when you talk.  Getting too close in a person’s face too soon can make them feel uncomfortable and even threatened.
  • Don’t be pushy about sex. Everyone has different comfort levels about sex, and everyone has the right to say no. Being pushy proves you’re not worth your date’s time.
  • Don’t get sloshed. It’s easy to think that drinking will help you be less nervous, but getting too tipsy increases the risk of various bad scenarios unfolding. If you have any alcohol while you’re out, keep your consumption moderate. It’s safer on many different levels and  will keep you out of trouble. That’s some first date advice that could save your life!

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