Dating Older Men – What You Can Expect

dating older menWhile relationships with age differences can be complicated, younger women dating older men are the most likely to be socially accepted.

That’s because this type of relationship has a lot of historical basis and people are used to seeing this kind of pairing more often.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be tricky, however; it’s important to pay attention to your expectations for this type of relationship and make sure they line up with reality.

Here’s a look at why some women date older men, plus a little bit of what to expect.

Common Reasons to Date Older Men

One of the most common reasons that younger women give for getting into relationships with older men is that they feel an older partner is more emotionally mature.

Women like to feel they can confide in a man and comfortably talk about any subject or issue.

Since many men under the age of 30, and older, are happy to spend their free time doing things like playing video games, maturity is a real concern.

Some women also date older men because they view their partner as a guide, mentor or father figure. This kind of relationship can work very well if the older partner is willing to provide the benefit of his life experience.

Some older men enjoy the feelings of power and competence they gain when a partner looks up to them, making this kind of relationship beneficial to both parties.

Again, however, it’s important not to make assumptions; not every younger woman is looking for a father figure and not every man wants to be one, especially if his children are already out of the house.

Both partners can go a long way toward making the relationship work if they’re willing to talk about their expectations first.

Sensuality in a May-December Relationship

Sex between younger women and older men can be very satisfying for both partners, but it may take a little negotiation.

Women who are used to dating partners their own age may be surprised by their new husband or partner’s lower sex drive, while older men may need to get used to dating a less-experienced person.

That doesn’t mean dating with an age gap needs to involve stress in the bedroom, however. Many older men have more experience and are more attentive and skilled than their younger counterparts, while younger women may be more adventurous.

If both partners are willing to be patient, they can enjoy extremely fulfilling sensual activities.

Perceptions of Stability

Older male partners are much more likely to be settled than their younger counterparts. Most have already found an appropriate career, have a stable income, and have developed a solid self-image.

This can be an advantage for a younger woman who knows what she wants out of life and isn’t willing to wait for a partner who wants to experiment. Some men still suddenly change their mind at a late age, however, so the individual is what counts.

Chivalry and Gender Roles

Many women pursue older men because they believe these partners are more chivalrous and more likely to have old-fashioned values. This is true for a lot of men, but some women may be surprised to discover their partner has more modern ideas.

Women who are looking for responsible, independent men who will treat them like ladies can often find this in an older partner.

By thinking about more than just age, women who are considering dating older men can find their perfect someone.

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