Creative Date Ideas – Make a Great First Impression!

While there’s nothing wrong with dinner and a movie, most seniors want a little more out of their first date experience. You and your date will enjoy yourself a lot more if you do something a little out of the ordinary. Just take some time to think about your mutual interests. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination! Here are just a few creative date ideas to impress a potential special someone without going over the top.

creative first date

  • Pack a Picnic – An old-fashioned picnic in the park on a sunny day can be a great, no-pressure way to get to know someone. Pack a lunch and choose an attractive location close to a lake, scenic view or other major landmark. To make the occasion extra-special, find out what your date’s favorite picnic meal is.
  • Cut a Rug – Dancing is a fun social event for almost everyone. If you both have some dancing expertise, consider attending a ballroom dance event. If you’re a little rusty, take a few classes together instead. For those who aren’t inspired by the waltz, there are square dancing, polka, contra dance and Celtic dance events – a little something for everyone.
  • A Walk in the Park – Long walks are one great choice for couples who enjoy being active. Potential first date ideas include a trip down the boardwalk, a stroll through your local park, or even a walking tour. Active couples who like a challenge might consider a hike in a local national forest among their creative date ideas.
  • The Joy of Shopping – Stereotypically, men dislike shopping while women love it. In real life, however, you’ll usually find that just about anyone can be excited about a shopping trip if it involves a personal interest. Consider visiting a local flea market, estate sale, auction or antique store. Make sure both people are interested in the same shopping opportunities and you’ll have plenty to talk about.
  • Out on the Water – Boating is a fun and relatively inexpensive way to get to know one another. Depending on your comfort level and experience, creative date ideas can include anything from a paddleboat on your local pond to kayaking or canoeing. Looking for adventure? Consider white water rafting with a group of friends.
  • A Jug of Wine and Thou – Unless you and your date are non-drinkers, you’ll probably enjoy a trip to a local vineyard or brewery. You’ll get the chance to find out how your favorite beverages are made, plus the opportunity to taste a few you may not have tried before. Most wineries and breweries offer samples as part of their tours. Get to know one another over a glass of wine.
  • Feeling Bookish? – Not everyone likes outgoing, adventurous first date ideas. For some, quieter activities provide the best place to get to know someone new. If you and your date fall into this category, think about attending a book fair or library sale. You’ll get to browse all your favorites, then discuss the books over coffee afterward.
  • Pick Your Own – Area farms may offer pick-your-own strawberries, apples, blueberries, cherries and much more. Head out together on a bright spring or summer day to collect a basket of rich fruit from a local grower. Then, enjoy your bounty under the shade of a nearby tree. It’s a fun way to get to know one other.

These aren’t the only creative date ideas out there, but they’ll give you a place to start. If you spend a little time thinking about you and your date’s favorite activities, you’re sure to come up with a whole list of fun first date ideas. Just remember – it’s important to keep you first date light, interesting and easy to enjoy.

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