23 Ways to Lose Weight As a Couple

One of the biggest benefits of being in a healthy relationship is the fact that you can rely on your partner for health and support. Working together makes it easier to stay motivated and stick to your plan. Here are 23 great ways to lose weight together with your partner.

  1. Plan rewards – If one of you reaches a fitness or weight loss goal, take some time to enjoy a reward together.
  2. Split meals – Restaurant meals can often be too large for just one person. Reduce the temptation to overeat by sharing a single entree.
  3. Choose smaller dishware – By switching your larger plate sets for smaller ones, you encourage yourselves to eat less on a daily basis.
  4. Form an exercise habit – It’s always easier to build habits with a partner. Take some time to schedule exercise time together.
  5. Mix up your dates – Instead of choosing a meal for every date, consider a few different activities, such as hiking, shopping, gaming or other non-food date options.
  6. Take up sports – Biking, water sports, and even yoga can be enjoyable ways to lose weight when you do them as a couple. Other options include hiking, tennis and golf.
  7. Share the same food – Sticking to a healthier eating plan is much easier if you both agree on what groceries you’ll buy.
  8. Enjoy sexual activity – Sex is one of the most enjoyable forms of exercise around. It can also help motivate you and make you feel more confident. What better way to lose weight together?
  9. Avoid criticism – Unless you’ve agreed to monitor one another’s food and exercise choices, don’t police your partner’s behavior.
  10. Show some consideration – If one of you is allowed an indulgence that’s not appropriate for the other person, enjoy it in private or with a group of other friends.
  11. Remember your motivation – Having another person around can help you remember that your goal is to stay healthy and enjoy your time together.
  12. Don’t make weight the primary factor – While weight loss can be part of a larger journey to better health, you shouldn’t let yourselves focus only on the numbers.
  13. Give honest compliments – Be sure to mention it when you can tell that your partner looks better in jeans or is more comfortable to hug.
  14. Take pictures – Taking pictures of each other can help you document your weight loss journey and see how far you’ve come.
  15. Make new traditions – Don’t let yourselves feel weighed down by old traditions, such as indulging in unhealthy birthday celebration food (cake!). Go check out a farmer’s market instead of splurging on that fattening brunch buffet.
  16. Never compare weight loss – Some people, especially males, lose weight more easily than others. Don’t let your weight loss become a competition.
  17. Take up gardening – Even if you share an apartment, you can enjoy a container or windowsill garden. Spending time in the garden helps you stay active and it produces beautiful fruits and vegetables.
  18. Keep the fridge stocked – If you have large amounts of prepared produce ready to eat, it makes it easier to choose the healthier snack option.
  19. Don’t compare eating habits – Each person loses weight in his or her own unique way and has special nutritional requirements.
  20. Cook together – You’ll enjoy the weight loss process a lot more if you’re willing to cook healthy meals for one another.
  21. Don’t plan around food – It’s easy to put together a trip or a vacation based on the food you’ll eat. Instead of focusing just on food, consider tours, sports and other activities.
  22. Join a club or league – Becoming part of a bowling, soccer, softball or other sports club can encourage you to have a little bit of competitive, active fun.
  23. Play games – Many gaming systems offer exercise-based games that can make weight loss and fitness fun! The Wii gaming system has many dance programs and other entertaining choices that include, golf, bowling and skiing just to mention a few



Web based health tracking tools and calculators

  • Activity Calorie Calculator: This calculator tells you how many calories you’ve burned taking into consideration how much you weigh, your type of activity, and how long you were active.
  • BMI Calculator: Discover your individual health risks and determine the amount of weight that needs to be reduced using this calculator.
  • BuddySlim: Gather your friends and use this resource to keep track of losing weight together.
  • Calorie Needs Calculator: This calculator will tell you how many daily calories your body requires to function at its optimum level.
  • FitDay: This tool keeps track of your nutrition, activity, and weight loss.
  • Food Diary: Food diary keeps track of the type and amount of food you’re both consuming.
  • Nutrient Data Laboratory: Determine the how much nutrition is contained in the foods you both eat.
  • PeerTrainer: PeerTrainer allows you to give support to your partner while keeping both of you accountable.
  • Target Heart Rate Calculator: This calculator tells you what your optimum heart rate is and how to achieve that healthy goal.


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