100 Ways to Boost Your Libido

As people get older, they may feel like their libido is less active than they would prefer. A few changes in your lifestyle and how you interact with your partner could make a big difference in your desire for intimacy. Here are 100 thought provoking ideas that could improve your libido.

Habit and Lifestyle Changes
The pace of modern life can encourage bad habits that make it hard to enjoy yourself in bed. Here are a few changes you could make to remove some obstacles.

  • Relax – When you’re feeling stressed, you’re a lot less likely to want sexual activity. Take a little time to wind down before bed.
  • Avoid worrying – If you go to sleep with a lot on your mind, being intimate with your partner will take a back seat.
  • Focus on hygiene – Busy people often let little things, such as flossing and personal care, fall by the wayside. Taking care of yourself will make you look and feel more attractive.
  • Choose comfortable underwear – Tight underwear that leaves elastic marks or that is binding can affect your interest in intimacy. Choose flattering underthings that fit you well and provide support without cutting off circulation.
  • Be willing to schedule – Consider scheduling some intimate time; you may be surprised by the improvement in your libido.
  • Avoid smoking – This habit stains your teeth and gives you bad breath. It also decreases blood circulation, making it harder to become aroused.
  • Drink moderately – Drinking too much can put a real strain on your sex life. It reduces circulation, making arousal difficult, and can even cause performance problems in men.
  • Stay hydrated – Most people don’t get enough water. This can make you feel tired, dehydrated and headachey, especially late in the day. You’ll feel healthier and more interested in making love if you drink water throughout the day.
  • Work on comfort – If you don’t feel comfortable about sex because of your cultural background, spend some time talking to your partner about these issues. You may need to consult a therapist.
  • Deal with religious problems – Many people who were brought up in a conservative faith feel uncomfortable with their desires. Take some time to consider your beliefs about physical intimacy before you jump in.
  • Address self-esteem problems – Depression and feelings of inadequacy can cause serious reductions in libido. If you don’t feel like you can improve your outlook by yourself or with your partner’s help, contact a professional.
  • Avoid financial worries – Money is one of the biggest sources of stress in most relationships. If you go to bed with unpaid bills or other money problems still looming, your libido may suffer.
  • Spend more time kissing – It’s easy to jump right to the “main course,” especially if you’re stressed about sex. Spend time kissing your partner before you get intimate, and make sure those kisses are long and heartfelt.
  • Make love regularly – If you go for long periods without fooling around, your body may “forget” about your sex drive. Try to create time for intimacy regularly to encourage you to feel more sexual.
  • Avoid extremely hot baths – These can be relaxing, but they often hinder circulation and make you feel more sleepy than sexy. Men who want to be intimate shortly after the bath should pay special attention, since reduced blood circulation can result in performance difficulties.
  • Use laptops on a table – Despite the name, laptops don’t work well in your lap. They can heat up significantly, causing circulation problems and even burns. These side effects negatively affect libido, so keep your laptop on a desk or table.
  • Don’t sit all day – Long-term sitting reduces blood flow to the groin and can make you feel disinterested in sex. Even if you have a desk job, get up and move every once in a while.
  • Remain active – A sedentary lifestyle can significantly reduce your libido. Getting mild exercise three to five times a week, however, can boost your mood and your interest in intimacy.
  • Avoid anxiety – Anxiety can negatively affect your entire life, including your life in the bedroom. If you find yourself becoming anxious, stop, calm down, and try again later.

boost your libido

Relationship Changes
The way you and your partner feel toward one another can greatly affect the amount of sex you’re having and its quality. Here are a few tips that can help you build a stronger relationship that’s open to healthy lovemaking.

  • Work on communication – If you can’t talk about sex, it’s a lot harder to have it. Make sure you and your partner talk about your feelings, desires and sexual concerns.
  • Make “together” time – Schedule “date nights” or other special time you can spend together enjoying one another’s company.
  • Be affectionate – Casual kissing, hugging and other signs of affection make you feel more connected and can greatly increase your libido.
  • Avoid arguments – Be willing to pick your battles and avoid going to bed angry.
  • Be positive – Sex can seem like a chore or obligation when your libido is low. Try to think positively about it and your experiences together.
  • Enjoy novelty – Whether it’s in the bedroom or outside, find something new to do together. The excitement could fuel your desire.
  • Take vacations – Even a few hours outside your standard routine can mix things up and improve your libido.
  • Go on dates – Dating isn’t just for beginning a relationship. Dinner and a movie or a night of dancing builds your relationship and encourages good sexual relations.
  • Enjoy each other’s smells – Avoid excessive perfume and cologne in favor of enjoying the smell of one another’s bodies; your sex drive may improve.
  • Never withhold sex – Physical intimacy should never be a reward or a bargaining chip.
  • Help out – If one partner does most of the housework or other chores, your sex life may suffer.

If you’re not in good condition, you won’t want sexual activity or respond to it well. Take care of your health for a better libido.

  • Get enough sleep – Shorting yourself on sleep reduces libido, while a good night’s rest improves your energy levels.
  • Enjoy massage – Massage doesn’t have to be about sexual activity; even chaste massage loosens muscles, increases blood flow, and increases libido.
  • Get a checkup – Diseases and other untreated medical conditions can interfere with your sex life.
  • Treat diabetes – High blood sugar can interfere with blood flow and dampen your libido.
  • Reduce saturated fat – This substance can reduce blood flow, making it harder to feel aroused.
  • Reduce body fat – Excessive body fat can be detrimental to self-esteem and make sex less appealing.
  • Gain healthy weight – If you’re underweight, your body may not have the resources to spare for being intimate.
  • Consider therapy – Emotional problems can interfere with sex, preventing you from becoming aroused or causing “triggering” events in the bedroom.
  • Monitor heart health – A healthy circulatory system can help you have more fun in bed and increase your interest in sex.
  • Treat unusual symptoms – If you have chronic headaches or other physical symptoms, they could interfere with lovemaking.
  • Avoid anemia – Vitamin deficiencies can keep your body from getting enough oxygen, decreasing your sex drive. Make sure you have a balanced diet and take supplements if needed.
  • Treat depression – If you suffer from a mood disorder, see a professional to treat the problem and improve your libido.
  • Investigate possible side effects – Some medications can reduce your sex drive. Consider using a lower dosage or switching to a different drug.
  • Check for hormonal imbalances – Hormonal problems can make you feel tired and uninterested in being intimate. Many can be easily fixed with supplements.
  • Treat sexual dysfunction – If you have a physical problem that interferes with making love, see a doctor, but don’t forget that you can often work around the problem by being creative in the bedroom.
  • Exercise your PC muscles – These pelvic muscles tighten during sexual activity. Exercising them can make sex more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Activity Changes
Consider engaging in these activities to improve your libido.

  • Take up yoga – This discipline improves blood flow, flexibility and overall health, making sex more enjoyable.
  • Consider aerobic exercise – Any form of aerobic exercise promotes heart health and better blood flow.
  • Stretching – Regular flexibility exercises will help you have more fun in bed.
  • Consider competitive sports – The thrill of competition can raise levels of testosterone, the hormone that boosts libido in both sexes.
  • Don’t overdo it – If you’re a dedicated athlete, too much exercise can actually unbalance hormone levels. Stick to moderate activity levels.
  • Enjoy erotica – Whether it’s a romance novel, erotic art, or plain old smut, you can get your mind in the mood by choosing some steamy reading.
  • Spice things up – If you’ve always been interested in role-play or similar non-vanilla sexual pursuits, consider experimenting to make your dates more interesting.
  • Have sex anyway – While no one should ever feel pressured to have sex, being willing to kiss, cuddle and engage in foreplay even if your libido is low can sometimes get you in the mood.

Bedroom Activities
A few changes to the way you make love can also do a lot to get your libido going again.

  • Try new things – If you’re open to adventurous new activities, you can keep the bedroom more interesting.
  • Talk dirty – This can feel embarrassing at first, but it can be a lot of fun and keep you in the mood.
  • Don’t get bored – If sex feels boring and routine, talk about ways you can improve things.
  • Leave the bedroom – Fooling around doesn’t have to happen at a specific time or place; just respect others and stay safe.
  • Touch everywhere – Don’t head straight for the traditional erogenous zones. Experiment with touching one another all over for a range of new sensations.
  • Keep the lights on – Sex in the dark can be boring and awkward; leave the lights on and let your partner see you for a more interesting experience.

Dietary Changes
Some foods can improve your health and might even give you a better sex life.

  • Fruits and vegetables – A balanced diet based on fruits and vegetables will help you feel healthier and more sensual.
  • Moderate drinking – A little alcohol can improve your overall health and increase your interest in being physical.
  • Almonds – These nuts are full of fatty acids that improve heart health.
  • Goji berries – These Chinese fruits can improve testosterone levels in both sexes.
  • Healthy fats – Fat is used to produce hormones; choose olive oil and other healthy fats to improve libido.
  • Bananas – This fruit is believed to improve libido in men.
  • Reduced dieting – Harsh fad diets can hurt your health and leave you feeling uninterested in sex.
  • Asparagus – This vegetable contains vitamin E, which supports sexual health.
  • Nutmeg – A popular Ayurvedic treatment for low libido, this spice improves blood flow.
  • Licorice – This herb, often used in candy, can boost blood flow to the genitals by almost half.
  • Celery – Celery contains the weak androgen androsterone, which is responsible for arousal in women.
  • Avocado – This rich fruit contains health-improving fatty acids.
  • Hot peppers – Full of capsaicin, this food improves skin sensitivity and circulation.
  • Proteins – Protein offers long-lasting energy that prevents libido-killing fatigue.
  • Avoid caffeine – This stimulant reduces libido in the long-term, despite the short-term energy boost.
  • Avoid carb-heavy meals – Many people fall asleep after eating lots of carbs, killing the mood.
  • Basil – This circulation-enhancing herb also helps mental health.
  • Soy – Soybeans contain phytoestrogens that can improve hormone balance.
  • Garlic – This stinky spice contains allicin, which increases blood flow.
  • Pumpkin seeds – These seeds are high in zinc, which supports a healthy libido.
  • Figs – High in amino acids, figs could improve your stamina.
  • Brazil nuts – This food contains arginine, a blood flow enhancing amino acid.
  • Enjoy good smells – Comfort foods can make you relaxed and in the mood.

Food isn’t the only way to improve sexual health; consider taking one of these supplements.

  • Multivitamins – These reduce the risk of an imbalance or deficiencies that could kill your sex drive.
  • Choline – This substance supports release of acetylcholine, which carries impulses to the genitals.
  • Vitamin B – A deficiency in this vitamin could lead to infertility.
  • Iron – Low iron levels result in fatigue and disinterest in sex.
  • Testosterone – Supplementing this hormone in moderation can raise the libido.
  • Manganese – This mineral is important for healthy estrogen metabolism.
  • Vitamin A – This vitamin helps keep your skin and other tissues healthy.
  • Zinc – A deficiency in zinc leads to infertility and impotence.
  • Catauba and muirapuama – These herbs are a traditional Brazilian treatment for low libido.
  • Vitamin C – Not just for colds, vitamin C boosts fertility.
  • Vitamin B5 – This vitamin is important for sex hormone production.
  • Selenium – An important trace mineral for men’s sexual health.

So, there you have it. If you incorporate merely a fraction of these recommended ideas, you’ll be raring to go with a revved-up libido in no time!

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